President Obama says Making Voting Mandatory Would Change Everything

President Obama says Making Voting Mandatory Would Change Everything.

While I completely agree that everyone should vote, I have to draw the line at it being forced. Everyone has the fundamental right to believe as they wish and this directly violates that right as there are those who believe in their right *not* to vote for whatever reason. If we begin compelling people to act in political processes, every single man and woman who’s ever died for this country will have died in vain. The very idea flies in the face of everything we are supposed to stand, fight and die to protect.


If they have to…


I have to admit that the more this image floats around, the more used to this version of the Joker I get. I wasn’t pleased at first but I think this will end up being similar to Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+Juliet. I know it’s a strange comparison, but if you think about it, the shift in … well, I guess “atmosphere” is somehow best … is oddly similar. ┬áMeh, maybe it’s just me.