We have to start now…

So, IFLS has a really great article on the pro’s and con’s of various battery storage devices and concepts. I think it’s great to see this information out there and every effort should be made to spread the word. It’s not about putting an end to our enslavement to an energy source that is both limited and highly violently fought over; it’s about simply spreading the idea that renewable energy now completely works. As attested in the video above, a single solar charge can power a very large electrical load for a good deal of time.

The best thing is that battery efficiency seems to improve with each generation. It became easier when Tesla embraced the open source attitude over basic technology and intellectual property patents. To see some companies seize this opportunity and run, so to speak, is awesome and hopeful.

The one serious hurdle facing the future is the sheepish dependance on fossil fuels. Now, I’m not saying that oil and gas are evil; well, okay, I am, but I grant that they have been, and remain (for now) a necessary one. What I am saying is that we have learned the direct results of the reliance on oil: damage to the environment, war and insane energy prices. At one time, we had no choice but that time is done. Science has conclusively proven, repeatedly, that it is in our best interests to move to cleaner energy sources, primarily solar and wind. We now have the ability to utilize those sources effectively enough to free us from the past. At the very least, we have the ability to put the process into overdrive.

It is critical that we not only restore and repair our national infrastructure, but also improve them for the future. Let’s face it, we will never have flying cars. Humans are too damn stubborn to give fully over to automation, and without that, the entire idea is just ludicrous. We can barely handle airline traffic, let alone thousands of individual flying aircraft over every city. Hahaha. No, our highway system will be very much needed for the foreseeable future.

Elon Musk and the men and women of Tesla have opened the door to tomorrow.
We only need to walk through.


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