It’s more than racetracks.

Emerald Downs races will be suspended in case of government… |

This is exactly the time where we, as Washingtonians, must pay attention and use our voice to make a difference. These people in the legislature work for for US and no one else. We need serious progress on this and right now. The legislature is put there to make these decisions and “running out of time” is not an answer. They can stay, on their own time, until they complete the job we trust them to do. If they can not, or will not, then I will damn sure remember people’s names when I vote and I will argue like hell with them the whole time they continue to betray our trust. We need to hold those who choose to serve corporate interests accountable for their choice. If they will not do what is best for our State then we must replace them. Capital gains taxation is the answer, both for Washington State and America in general. Corporations and big business industries make obscene profits off of the backs of the middle class and the poor. It’s time to level the playing field and that means higher taxes for those who live in oceans of profit.


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