Police Medics and a ramble on society

I have come to believe that we really need to re-train at least half of our police forces in to combat medics. It has become clear that direct violence only incites violence and there has to be another option. More and more, our law enforcement officers are finding themselves in situations which require medical training at the very least and often training in mental health. I feel that just learning such skills as a part of basic training has become increasingly critical.

It appears, more and more, that a shift in direction is needed.
I feel that police retraining, along with serious talks and open exchanges of ideas with serious community leaders would go a long way to reducing ethnic violence in America. It all comes down to awakening to one reality: there is only ONE race; human.

The nature of American society has changed.
Attitudes, like it or not, have evolved and continue to evolve. Matters of ethnicity and individual nature are becoming less of a stigma and more of a celebration. As we become aware of the true depth of hostility between white and black ethnicities in America the conflict increases and the problem becomes perpetual.

What every white person I know doesn’t want to ever talk about is the fact that, hundreds of years ago, a bunch of European white people hijacked a bunch of black Africans and imported them by the hundreds of thousands in to the United States. American became an instantly divided country with a LOT of people on both sides and the only thing that kept the country together was slavery and the absolute suppression of any idea that blacks were even remotely human. That attitude persisted for generations before the Civil War, the single most horrific American conflict, burned the matter into the very soul of the United States. The purging of slavery and the survival of a state insurrection is what made the United States of America a true free nation.

It is not really hard to understand that having mind boggling numbers of really pissed off black people threw a wrench in to what was, up until then, a white series of ethnic European tribes with problems enough. “Integration” is such a laughable term that I can not believe it was a word of fear when I was a kid. In a small Texas town, it wasn’t really that “they” weren’t wanted, just that “they” had their own places and what’s wrong with that? It was an era of resentment after previous decades (all of them, really) of direct white against black ethnic violence. As a middle class white kid, I grew up glad not to be black kid of any class; and while I had compassion, I wouldn’t have traded places for anything. Again, in the era of the 70’s and 80’s, there was just the sense of “that’s how it is” and so that’s how it was. This carried over through the 90’s though fractures were being seen. Technology was improving.

Technology, in a way, is the sole blame for much of the strife in the world. Well, not really but … no, you’re right, it just sounds stupid. What I meant to say is that technology has reached the point to where secrets are impossible to keep and video now, literally, sits in the palm of almost every hand. The ability to so easily capture and share video has made clear what has always been true: the ethnic division in America is alive and well, on both sides, and at full throttle.

As stupid as it sounds, we very simply MUST find a way to live together. While we are fighting over something so stupid as skin colour or dialect or various religious interpretations, our societies are falling apart right before our eyes. I am saddened by the knowledge that I will never see complete equality in my lifetime. Well, at least not *this* lifetime.

To even begin to fully come together as one people, we must first strengthen ourselves and our families and work outward from there. With stable families, we can help form stable communities. Communities looking after each other is what builds a nation which can never be broken; not by steel and not by pen.


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