On Faith and the Duggars…

I have to admit that I have strangely mixed emotions after seeing Megyn Kelly’s interview.

I confess, there was a time when I watched 19 Kids and Counting pretty faithfully, pardon the pun.  In fact, as a younger teen, I first saw the family in a special (I forget the name) about them building their house.  I think they had 17 kids at the time, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, I remember being completely fascinated.  I’m sort of someone who watches home improvement shows and watching a family build their own house was amazing; the size of the family and Michelle and Jim Bob’s parenting style was also oddly interesting.  I wasn’t offended by their Faith, as it mirrored ideals I pretty much grew up around, if taken to a bit of an extreme, and they seemed genuinely interested in just making a well thought out home for their very organized family.

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We have to start now…

So, IFLS has a really great article on the pro’s and con’s of various battery storage devices and concepts. I think it’s great to see this information out there and every effort should be made to spread the word. It’s not about putting an end to our enslavement to an energy source that is both limited and highly violently fought over; it’s about simply spreading the idea that renewable energy now completely works. As attested in the video above, a single solar charge can power a very large electrical load for a good deal of time.
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I don’t get it…

The plan that the President outlined, way back when he was just running for President, was a sound one at the time. It came across as very logical and methodical. The problem was, and remains to this day, that the reality of getting out of Iraq is a hell of a lot more difficult than it looked. We are still there, and every drop of American blood spilled into Iraqi soil makes it that much harder to leave. Our men and women have been dying in that hellish desert for decades — generations — and it’s a hard, bitter pill to swallow, the idea that it was for nothing.
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Nostromo nostalgia…

Alien has to be one of my all time favourite horror movies, ever.
I know a lot of people say that but I mean it. The sequel, Aliens, was a bizarre fixation of mine in my teens. I have literally lost count of the number of times I have seen both the original and the restored cut. But, this particular post is about Alien and so I move on.
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It’s more than racetracks.

Emerald Downs races will be suspended in case of government… | www.kirotv.com.

This is exactly the time where we, as Washingtonians, must pay attention and use our voice to make a difference. These people in the legislature work for for US and no one else. We need serious progress on this and right now. The legislature is put there to make these decisions and “running out of time” is not an answer. They can stay, on their own time, until they complete the job we trust them to do. If they can not, or will not, then I will damn sure remember people’s names when I vote and I will argue like hell with them the whole time they continue to betray our trust. We need to hold those who choose to serve corporate interests accountable for their choice. If they will not do what is best for our State then we must replace them. Capital gains taxation is the answer, both for Washington State and America in general. Corporations and big business industries make obscene profits off of the backs of the middle class and the poor. It’s time to level the playing field and that means higher taxes for those who live in oceans of profit.

Police Medics and a ramble on society

I have come to believe that we really need to re-train at least half of our police forces in to combat medics. It has become clear that direct violence only incites violence and there has to be another option. More and more, our law enforcement officers are finding themselves in situations which require medical training at the very least and often training in mental health. I feel that just learning such skills as a part of basic training has become increasingly critical.
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O’Reilly? You don’t say.

Bill O’Reilly thinks the Internet is turning Americans into dumb liberals.

Poor Mr. O’Reilly is confused.

I understand. It must be hard to maintain focus between making up historical tidbits for his novels and choking his wife. What the man completely fails to factor in to this equation is that the internet has made it virtually impossible to completely keep anything hidden for long. As the lies and hypocrisy bubble to the surface in the lives of those who claim the moral authority in BillTemperthe hard-right, the need to sit back and consider what we are observing becomes clear.

The internet is not making people “dumb”, Mr. O’Reilly; it’s quite the opposite, in fact. More people have more access to more information than ever before in history and the talking heads in the media just can’t stand it. Gone are the days when they could lecture the rest of us while keeping their own nasty secrets nicely hidden away. In this day and age, you put up or shut up.

Welcome to the world of an awakening population, Mr. O’Reilly.
Enjoy your own growing nightmare.

We MUST wake up!

This Senator is telling you the TRUTH.  We have to get outselves together and vote out the “representatives” who owe alegience to the dollar instead of the people who put them there.  They can only keep in power so long as we let them.


Hello world!


This should be an interesting experience.  It’s been a while since I’ve played around on an actual blogging site or forum.  I guess I just sort of fell out of it after my breakup with my ex-husband.  We met through an on-line community and we both had a passion for on-line debating and discussion.  Believe it or not, there really was a time when raving assholes didn’t dominate the internet.  It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true, I assure you.

Anyway, this whole “first post”/”introduce yourself” thing is sort of nostalgically goofy.  I’m reminded of the first day of classes when we all had to get up and say who we were and what we did over the summer.  It’s crazy the level of subconscious desperation that ritual takes on as the class years progress.  In kindergarten, it was no big deal for anyone; in 8th grade some are sweating bullets, for one reason or another; by college most don’t give a damn anymore.  Crazy.

I will close this now, before things get awkward.  I jumped on WordPress after reading an article on Facebook and realizing that I’ve become one of those people who add five paragraphs to every post.  Yeah, that means get a blog and stop inflicting yourself on your friends.  I feel pretty shitty, actually, as I realize I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks.  Yikes.  Oh, well, live and learn.  Here I am, after all.  A bit tardy, perhaps, but present none-the-less.

Story of our lives, eh?